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Revolutionary Outdoor Electronic Bug Zapper with Solar Tech

A large number of tests and studies show that one female mosquito can spawn 3000 egg and it can multiply quickly in even 100ml of water for each egg lying.

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Revolutionary Outdoor Electronic Bug Zapper With Solar Tech

A large number of tests and studies show that one female mosquito can spawn 3000 egg  and it can multiply quickly in even 100ml of water for each egg lying. That means it will be incalculable places surround the house that might growing them crazily. Furthermore, for the tropic states of America like Florida or lots of other country which locate in the tropical zone or subtropical zone have not just suffer the bits of mosquitoes, but also other fly zapper, like horse and deer flies, black flies etc., And the bites of these insect are much painful then mosquito.so that people might have typing lots of searching on google for the subject of “how to prevent  mosquito bites” or want to find the related product like  “mosquito protection”, ”Bug killer”,”Bug trap” and so on. But generally they just can’t find out the proper service or product to get rid of the mosquito bites.

Ignoring the costly manual pest control service and let’s take a panoramic view of the market,then,we will find quite a lot of bug zapper which working principle is base on the UV light ,propane, ultrasonic repellent,toxic chemical spray etc,.And most of them had been try by many people and find that these product almost useless for avoid people for the problem of biting or they just unaffordable for generally comsumer.

Let’s see what happen with these meaningless product. And at first, the UV electronic bug zapper.

The UV outdoor bug zapper(or indoor) claim that it can attracts the insect and mosquitoes by UV light and generally kill them by electric shock.But actually that mosquito which suck human’s blood is that type of female not the male one. And most female mosquito (depending on the specific species) is nocturnal creature that not sensitive with the UV light. Somebody must oppose my view as they have found out many dead body of insect on their UV indoor bug zapper,but they are no aware of these dead mosquito is male type which is diurnal.And male mosquito isn’t sucking blood for their habit. This is why the traditional UV lamp is not working for the problem.

Then, how about the propane outdoor bug zapper? It seems great. It can emit CO2 by burning the gas in the air for attracting the female mosquito. Unlike the UV lamp, the propane mosquito product’s working principle is better and really work for some case. But the price is just exorbitant for generally consumer. Nevertheless, consumer has to change the cylinder for consumbles.And it cost much. As the size of propane mosquito trap is big and heavy , so it usually place on outdoor.

Finally,you may also want to know if the ultrasonic repellent or toxic chemical spray is the good solution for mosquito repellant. But actually that the ultrasonic mosquito repellent product is a fraud. It has come out for decades and there is lot of research paper tell you that it is a rubbish. Please refer the science paper below:


Singleton RE. Evaluation of two mosquito 2 repelling devices [J].Mosquito News, 1977, 37 :195 199.


Belton P. Attraction of male mosquitoes to sound [J] . J Amer Mosq Control Assoc, 1994, 10 :297 301.


Foster WA, Lutes KI. Tests of ultrasonic emissions on mosquito attraction to host is a flight chamber[J ] . J Amer Mosq Control Assoc, 1985, 1 :199 202.

Although the toxic chemical spray can attract the little insect by it’s ingredient and there is still no long term research to their safety.And all of them have bad smell.

You may come to conclusion  and ask that is there any product can emit proper CO2 like propane mosquito trap and act just like us humans,but price is more favorable and more convenient for use?

The answer is yes, one of these new solution developed by QM is called the IT04, by using photo catalysis of TIO2( titanium dioxide). When a titanium dioxide surface is irradiated by light, the photo catalytic effect and hydrophilic are activated together. Any organic chemical in contact with the surface will undergo decomposition to CO2 and H2O and thus releasing a smell that attracts female mosquitoes.

Comparing the old heavy propane mosquito trap, the IT04 (for outdoor) and the MBOX (for indoor) of QM is more convenient and affordable.The IT04 is combine with solar panel so that it don’t need to lay the wire.QM’s tech is more ecofriendly and increases the chances of catching more female mosquitoes. Besides, you won’t hear a zap anymore when it working.


Product Information

1.Product name:

Solar Outdoor Bug Zapper


443mmx867mm (WxH)

3.Cell Major Material:

Stainless steel and aluminum

4.Color In stock

Black (Mass product can be customized)




100Units,(Sample can be one or several Units)

7.FOB Port

Shenzhen or HongKong

8.Rated Voltage


9.Rated Power consume

13W(Can suppliy by solar power system inside)

10.battery capacity


11.Full recharge time


12.Suggested Cover Range

1000 square feet.

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