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Outdoor Use Insect/Mosquito Killer Lamp (AY-016)

Outdoor Use Insect/Mosquito Killer Lamp (AY-016)

Mosquito Killer, Photolysis, Mosquito Trap manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Outdoor Use Insect/Mosquito Killer Lamp (AY-016), Mosquito Killer (AY-012B), Photo Catalysis Mosquito Killer and so on.

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Product Details
Welcome to contact QM Limited where the high quality outdoor use insect/mosquito killer lamp (ay-016) is supplied. As a professional and trustable outdoor use insect/mosquito killer lamp (ay-016) supplier and distributor, we can guarantee you that our insect killer product works effectively. With much sales, we warmly welcome you to buy our quality QM products at low cost.

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:AY-016

  • Item No:Ay-016 (Outdoor Use)

  • Working Voltage:5-270v

  • Power Consumption:15w-23w

  • Material:Environmental ABS

  • Package:Color Box/Carton

  • N. W.: /CTN:5.91kg

  • G. W.: . /CTN:9.46kg

  • Certification:CE\RoHS

  • Payment:30% Prepaid, T/T, L/C

  • Trademark:Terminator

  • Origin:China

Product Description
Function: Effectively attract mosquitos, flies and other biting insects.
Night Light in a biological way

It functions through the photocatalysis tube which send out the carbon dioxide resembling the human
Being's smelling to attract mosquitoes flying in, then dry and dehydrate them.

1. Fashion & High Efficient to capture mosquitoes
2. Safe & No secondary pollution
3. Purifying Air
4. Kill bacteria
5. Energy-saving
6. Non-noise

World Health Organization found that the mosquitoes suck the blood habits be summarized as follows:
1. Crepuscular insect: Mosquitoes like to fly low-light situations.
2. Odor Habits: Sweat has a special kind of material 8 dilute alcohol, is a mosquito-like.
3. Carbon dioxide: The research found more than 90% of the mosquitoes search human breath by follow-up of carbon dioxide.
4. Temperature and warm moist air is necessary for mosquitoes' living.
5. Breeze Fly Habits: Mosquitoes like to fly with the breeze.

Wenzhou Yao Yu Electronics Co., Ltd. Manufacturing "Catch ALL" brand mosquito killer products.
Hazard-free UV light triggers photocatalyst produces carbon dioxide and moist air. Fan generated breezes, Lamps produce spectra which Tempts the mosquito and temperature, Completely Imitates the human's breath, become a mosquito target tracking, Bionic trap to achieve.
Moreover, photocatalyst can absorb formaldehyde and other toxic gases, is a new generation of environmentally-friendly and efficient mosquito killer.

How to use Catch ALL mosquito killer

1. Plug the electrical plug into the power socket, connect the power to use this product. When not in use, cutting off electricity source or unplug the plug can be.
2. Before cleaning the device, please remove the plug from the outlet to disconnect the electricity appliance, put off the mosquitoes storeroom and clean it, and then put it back and twist it.
3. When the device is used in the house, please arrange the mosquito-killing time several hours before sleeping so that when you go to bed, most of the mosquitoes are catched. And if there is much furniture in the room, the time of mosquito killing will be a little longer. Continuously would be more effective to kill mosquitoes
4. After the mosquito killer is turned on, it is recommended to switch off other lights and stay away from strong convective air environment
5. Please do not disconnect the electricity appliance after capturing mosquitoes, you need to let the fan continue turning until dry and hydrate the mosquitoes in it.
6. Put the mosquito killer on the table which is 1 meter to 1.5 meters high from the ground, and if there is no light and no one, the results can be achieved best


1. Before cleaning the device, please remove the plug from the outlet to disconnect the electricity appliance, electricity-connecting cleaning is forbidden.
2. It is dangerous to put your hand into the device when it is working, because the fan will scuff your hands or happen other accidents.
3. Do not moving or fiddling the device with connecting of electricity.
4. Do not use the device at the place with strong ultraviolet ray, like strong light or sunlight, and do not put it at some places that baby or children can touch it.


If there is any quality problem with the device, we give one year guarantee for you in free, after free-repairing time or the damage is caused by wrong-way operated, we will charge some costs free. Quality problems and maintenance services, please contact our vendor points or manufacturers

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