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Drosophila and Pests Glue Trap (insect killer)

Drosophila and Pests Glue Trap (insect killer)

Pest Control, Insecticide, Fly Killer manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Drosophila and Pests Glue Trap (insect killer), Origial Dahao Brand The Best Cockroach Killing Bait with Classic 6 Gram Green Packing, Fly Glue Board (Pest Control) and so on.

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Product Details

                                   Welcome to contact QM Limited where the high quality drosophila and pests glue trap (insect killer) is supplied. As a professional and trustable drosophila and pests glue trap (insect killer) supplier and distributor, we can guarantee you that our insect killer product works effectively. With much sales, we warmly welcome you to buy our quality QM products at low cost.

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Pest Type:Flies

  • Type:Trap

  • Feature:Eco-Friendly

Product Description

1000 pieces/box packaging box: 61.5× 46.5× 18cm
Product Characters:
1. Containing drosophila attractant and special spice, this product can release scent that pests like, stick pests and thus remove them.
2. The product has a yellow paper pallet as pests incline to approach yellow things. Glue that is highly adhesive is applied on the paper pallet.
3. No side effect, non-toxic, safe and effective, necessary for agriculture...
Applicable Pests:
Drosophila, flies, thrips palmi karny, pink flea, aphid, moth, and other climbing, flying and jumping pests
Applicable Places:
Greenhouse, mesh room, orchard, vegetable farm, melon patch and fields of various kinds of crops.
Use Procedures:
1. Users should rive off the yellow glue belt on the product and hang it on the crops.
2. Users should use one glue belt for every 10 square meters. The quantity can be adjusted according to amount of pests. The belt should be replaced once between 7 and 20 days. The effect will be better if the product can be used persistently.
Points to Note:
1. Please don't unpack the product when it's not used, as this will cause volatilization of attractant and thus influence effects of the product.
2. Users might use gasoline or cleaning naphtha to clean the glue stuck on bodies or clothes.
3. The product should not be preserved at places where temperature is over 50 degrees centigrade.
This product captures pests in physical way, causing no harm to people or livestock.

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