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Lasioderma Serricorne Pheromone Trap

Lasioderma Serricorne Pheromone Trap

Lasioderma Serricorne Pheromone Trap, Lasioderma Serricorne, Lasioderma Serricorne Trap manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Lasioderma Serricorne Pheromone Trap, Storage Pest Control, Forest Pest Control and so on.

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Welcome to contact QM Limited where the high quality lasioderma serricorne pheromone trap is supplied. As a professional and trustable lasioderma serricorne pheromone trap supplier and distributor, we can guarantee you that our insect killer product works effectively. With much sales, we warmly welcome you to buy our quality QM products at low cost.

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Lasioderma serricorne pheromone trap

Insect sex pheromone is the chemical compound used to indicate all kinds of information by insects such as aggregation, feeding, mating, warning and so on, and the exchange of chemical molecules insect language.

Insect sex pheromone is the chemicals to regulate and control the behavior of male and female insects to attract. Sensitive and specific. Distant effect and strong tempt.

Sex pheromone is bionic high-tech products, which simulates natural insect sex pheromone through the releaser released to the field to trap and kill heterosexual insects. No contacting plants and agricultural products. No pesticide residues. It is the best choice for the modern agro-ecological to control insects.

Pheromone equipment consists of trap and lure. According to insect flight traits, lure chooses fitted trap. Pests flew into traps and can not out later to achieve the purpose of capturing insects.

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