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Mouse Glue Board (mouse catcher)

Mouse Glue Board (mouse catcher)

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Product Details
Welcome to contact QM Limited where the high quality mouse glue board (mouse catcher) is supplied. As a professional and trustable mouse glue board (mouse catcher) supplier and distributor, we can guarantee you that our insect killer product works effectively. With much sales, we warmly welcome you to buy our quality QM products at low cost.

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Pest Type:Mice

  • Type:Trap

  • Feature:Eco-Friendly

Product Description
50 bars/box packaging box: 45× 30× 18.5cm
This product has adopted technologies imported from Germany, and has passed the assessment of Guangdong Sanitary and Anti-epidemic Department. The product is highly adhesive and has long-lasting effect. Further, the product is user-friendly, safe and non-toxic. Its effect is better than similar products available in the market.
Product Characters:
1. The glue board is very adhesive. It can stick mouse and make mouse unable to escape.
2. The special fold lines on the product enable users to place the trap vertically or horizontally based on their needs.
3. The glue applied inside the product is safe and non-toxic. It is an ideal alternative for spring-loaded mouse traps and mouse pesticide in food facilities, restaurants, warehouse and other areas where no toxin is permitted.
Use Procedures:
1. Users should unpack the product slowly.
2. Users should place the product in places where mouse is frequently seen.
3. The product can be used again after the trapped mouse is disposed.
Points to Note:
1. Users should keep the gummed paper clean. If the gummed paper is tainted with sands or water drops, its efficacy will be influenced.
2. The glue stuck on hands or clothes can be cleansed with gasoline or kerosene.

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