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Healthier Outdoor Mosquito Trap, No Repellant

Most insect repellants have been proven to be harmful to human health and threatening the environment.

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Product Details

Healthier Solar Outdoor Insect Killer, no Repellant 

Most insect repellants have been proven to be harmful to human health and threatening the environment. It does kills mosquitoes, but perhaps one of the major potential setback is that the mosquitoes can adapt to the chemicals, so over time, mosquitoes will become rather difficult to be killed. Therefore, the innovation of mosquito killers followed, solar mosquito lamp is one of the successful example. It has been approved by the state as a utility model patent product. This product utilizes solar (amorphous silicon) energy to convert sunlight into electricity storage. It uses solar energy as a supply to the mosquito lamp, which generates light and heat to attract mosquitoes and finally dehydrates mosquitoes to death. Its major electricity energy comes from solar power supply, a great heap for the agricultural tourism.


As a type of practical product, the solar mosquito killer is equipped with an auto light control, time control, automatic shut off. It is also protective to itself, because the solar mosquito killer is used in outdoors both sunny and rainy weather. So in case of rain and storm, high-voltage will automatically shut down, and power supply will be automatically activated. While other repellent is something run by the batteries build within. At night, the intelligent electronic device automatically starts the UV light source and opens the solar lights, resulting in photovoltaic effects, which can greatly trap insects and eliminate pestsreduce. Unlike the other outdoor killer using re-fillers and propane, the solar mosquito killer is totally natural and harmless in that it uses the photocatalyst to decompose co2 and h2o, so it is endless, and you don’t have to spend another single penny after this to buy re-fillers. Another advantage about this product is that it can enormously reduce the use of pesticides, and replace the conventional electricity. The advantage of energy conservation is the most ideal human physical means of pest control so far.


IT04 has a larger luring range and longer service lifespan. The working field is about 5-7 acres and it can be used five to seven years, if used properly. The pest control effect is excellent with the high efficiency of elimination. This product can be applied to a variety of agricultural and forestry places, grain fields, cotton fields, vegetable fields and orchards. It has been proven that it is pollution-free. Besides working in farming filed on crops, this product can also be put at homes, schools and parks. The machine has stable performance, reliable quality, solid structure, strong wind. 

IT04 is innovative, pollution-free, durable and reliable, that is definitely the ideal solar mosquito killer you are looking for. 

Product Information

1.Product name:

Solar Outdoor Insect Killer


443mmx867mm (WxH)

3.Cell Major Material:

Stainless steel and aluminum

4.Color In stock

Black (Mass product can be customized)




100Units,(Sample can be one or several Units)

7.FOB Port

Shenzhen or HongKong

8.Rated Voltage


9.Rated Power consume

13W(Can suppliy by solar power system inside)

10.battery capacity


11.Full recharge time


12.Suggested Cover Range

1000 square feet.

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