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LED DC Solar Light for Pest Control

LED DC Solar Light for Pest Control

Basic Info Product Description Model NO.: Solar Light for Pest Control Type: Trap Mosquito Lamp: Electric Shock Mosquito Physical Form: Light /Lamp/Electrical Shock Power Source: Solar/Electrical Patented Technology: Yes Flicker: Yes Service Life: 50000hours Pest Killing Rate: 98% Specification:...

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LED light-emitting diodes are characterized by energy saving, long life, high luminous efficiency, small size and strong stability. Besides, the light source itself does not contain harmful substances such as lead and mercury, and does not cause harm to environment. It is a kind of green light source, which is very suitable for working as mosquito killer lamp and landscape lamp with features of clean, beautiful and environmental.


1.Intelligent: auto switch, inteligent self dignosis procedure,adapting to the changes of environments.

2.Save energy: The LED DC Solar Light for Pest Control is powered by solar panel, which can convert the solar energy to electric energy and store it in the battery. It can used in the place lack of electricity.

3.Convenient: it can be placed wherever it is needed, it can be fixed on the ground easily.


Product namesolar insect killing lamp(DC)pest killing lamp only(AC )pest killing lamp only( DC)
Power source/ applicationSolar ,used for outdoorElectrical, used with plugSolar,with built in lithium battery
Solar panel1 pc 30W , polycrystalline silicon//
Lamp3W imported LED/50000 hours service life3W imported LED/50000 hours service life3W imported LED/50000 hours service life
Light sourcepeak wave length 320-680nmpeak wave length 320-680nmpeak wave length 320-680nm
Batteryself protected lithium battery,1 pc 12V/10AH/self protected lithium battery,1 pc 12V/10AH
Rain Inspection/Rain controlYesYesYes
Light Insection/Light ControlYesYesYes
Battery boxintegrated ,no need/integrated ,no need
Pole baseMetal Frame,no need cement base//
Design controll area30000-4000030000-4000030000-40000
Best control area15000-2000015000-2000015000-20000
Pest Killing typesMore than 2000 kindsMore than 2000 kindsMore than 2000 kinds
Pest killing Rate in  efficient area98%98%98%
Proportion of beneficial insects and pests killing1:97.6%1:97.6%1:97.6%

Our Advantages:
Compared with other traditional solar mosquito killer lamp:

Supergreen   Inteligent inverter LED solar pest control lampVSTraditional solar pest control lamp
1...50000hours service life  LED5000 hours Service life fluorescent lamp
2...Patented Inverter Flicker TechnologyLamp No Flicker
3...Protect Benifial InsectsKill Benificial Insects
4...Environment Friendly Lithium Battery,no polutionLead acid battery with only
1/3 of lithium battery service lifepolution for the land
5...Killing more than 2000 kinds of pestsKilling only around 1000 kinds of pests
6... integrated components,highly matched,small size,good performanceMore than 100 parts, big size and bad performance and stability
7...Instantaneous voltage 5000 v,no harmness for peopleInstantaneous voltage 1000 v-2000v only
can not kill bigger size pests

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