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Advantages Of Mosquito Lamp
- Mar 01, 2017 -

Following five reasons to use anti-mosquito lamp:

First, toxic: kill theory, innocuous; non-contradicting poisonous, but Hu mosquitoes produced some slight charred taste, you can nose past smell;

Second, harmless: was suspected lamp is UV, wrong! just violet, and Blu-ray lamp released colored light, and non-UV; according to: first, businesses not description is UV, for believes businesses; second, UV lamp of price above General lamp, businesses of target is profit maximize, businesses never will for no reason increases cost reduced profit; Furthermore, lights lure mosquito using mosquito on this shade of preferences, and non-on UV of preferences, yet heard mosquito like UV.

Third, the night lighting: mosquito lamp both night light, night will no longer open Wall lamp, specialty, serve two purposes;

Finally, mosquito control efficiency: has been described above, record by three hours of mosquito 50;

Finally, an affordable: one input more than 10 Yuan to purchase, can't even use a summer with several times, you will not love the tiny electricity bills.