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Electronic Indoor Mosquito Trap For A Long Time Without Interruption For Continuous Use
- Oct 31, 2017 -

Electronic Indoor Mosquito Trap for a long time without interruption for continuous use, connected to the power can be seen in the electronic mosquito lamp issued purple light, anti-mosquito work that automatically start. The use of electronic Indoor Mosquito Trap should be placed in the 1.5 to 2 meters height, can achieve the best catch effect, and should avoid direct light, so as not to weaken the effect of mosquitoes. Do not put the electronic mosquitoes in front of the fan, so as not to meet with the wind caused by air interference.

Do not cut off the power supply before the maintenance of the electronic Indoor Mosquito Trap, and use a screwdriver with insulated handle into the protective net to touch the high voltage electric fence. Long time not used, be sure to turn off the power, clean electric mosquito equipment, will be stored in a cool dry, children are not easy to reach.

1. Plug the power plug into the power outlet, press the top of the machine round red button, the machine inside the mosquito lamp light, fan operation.

2. Turn off the machine, press the top of the ring red switch, the machine to stop working.

3. will kill the mosquito device and the bed height of the height of every day around 6 o'clock in the evening to close the indoor doors and windows, turn off the lights, Indoor Mosquito Trap open the mosquito, people from the room, focus on mosquito mosquito 2 hours or longer, Most of the flies can be eliminated. People back to the room, do not shut down, the mosquito moved to 0.3 meters -0.5 meters away from the place to continue mosquito, until the next morning shut down.

4. To use the area of 40m2 calculation, anti-mosquito time is not less than 3-6 hours. At the beginning of the day when using the boot every night, for 2-3 consecutive weeks. Indoor Mosquito Trap Such as the surrounding environment more mosquitoes, or home often come in and out every day switch windows, the outside of the mosquito will inevitably come in, you'd better start every day.

5. Office, place of business use, can be opened in the evening before the start of killing mosquitoes, close the lights, after a night trapping, indoor mosquito can be basically eliminated.

6. Daytime fly off the fly, should be removed to capture the base of the mosquito trap mosquito, in the warehouse into a small amount of bait (with toilet paper dip some honey, etc.), Indoor Mosquito Trap and then screw on. By the fan will be bait odor blowing, killing mosquitoes better.

7. Lawn light type (light control type) mosquito combination of lawn lamp and mosquito function, Indoor Mosquito Trap dedicated to outdoor, light control switch can automatically start at night, automatically shut down during the day.