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Five Reasons To Choose Indoor Mosquito Trap
- Oct 13, 2017 -

Five reasons to choose Indoor Mosquito Trap

Health: Mosquito trap using imitation human breath trapping, ultraviolet light trapping, air trapping and other integrated technology, trapping methods perfect, trapping effect is good. is currently the world's most advanced physical mosquito repellent, do not use any chemicals (mosquito coils, mosquitoes, insects, etc., these chemicals will be harmful to the human body).

High efficiency: Indoor Mosquito Trap effective mosquito control. Photocatalytic reaction can not only simulate the human body's breath-inducing mosquito, but also can effectively kill all kinds of bacteria in the air to absorb the decomposition of formaldehyde and other indoor harmful gases, effective clear decoration pollution, play a role in purifying the air. Mosquito repellent area can reach 80-120 square meters, using mosquitoes even in the dark can be based on the human body exhaled warm and humid carbon dioxide and human body temperature to identify the location of prey, combined with the Mosquito phototaxis, so that mosquitoes around the initiative to fly to the Anti-Mosquito device.

Environmental protection: mosquito trap low noise. Mosquitoes are sucked into the mosquito-storage room, then dehydrate and die, there is no shock when the "Pa" sound, there is no high-voltage electricity, both safe and quiet. Purify the air, sterilization. The use of light touch to purify the air, sterilization function. There is an annoying noise from the mosquito net.

Energy-saving: mosquito-catcher power consumption of 6W, the use of 166 hours before electricity consumption 1 degrees, the cost is far lower than the electric mosquito coils.

Fashion: the appearance of Indoor Mosquito Trap combined with wave design, beautiful appearance, small and exquisite, light soft, do not affect sleep, you can also make a small night light.