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How To Use The Indoor Mosquito Trap
- Oct 13, 2017 -

How to use the Indoor Mosquito Trap

1. Plug the power supply into the power outlet and connect it with the power supply.

2. When not in use, cut off the power supply, the power plug can be pulled out.

3. Indoor Mosquito Trap Before cleaning the mosquito-storage room, unplug the power cord, then remove the mosquito-storage room, clean out the dregs and reload.

4. Use at home, as long as the mosquito repellent time in the hours before bedtime, and so to sleep, mosquitoes have been basically cleared, can be switched off or moved to other rooms. If the indoor furniture is more, the mosquito hiding time is different, anti-mosquito time can be longer.

5. In the Office, business premises or field use, the mosquito can be opened in the evening, after a night of light trapping, mosquitoes can be basically removed.

6. Do not remove the power immediately after capturing the mosquito, to let the fan continue to operate until the mosquito dehydration to dry and die.

7. When killing flies, Indoor Mosquito Trap it can be used in the mosquito storage room, such as candy bait, using light and smell trapping and airflow inhalation, kill it.

Precautions for Indoor Mosquito Trap

1. When cleaning the mosquito storage room, unplug the power supply and do not live electrically.

2. Do not put your hand into the machine or fiddle with the machine in order to prevent the fan from scratching your finger or other accidents.

3. It is not possible to move or swing the machine electrically.

4. In places where ultraviolet light is strong and where fluorescent lamps are strong, and where babies are touched, they cannot be used.

5. If the product quality problems are found, Indoor Mosquito Trap contact the local distributor and do not disassemble the repairs.