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Indoor Mosquito Trap Function And Installation Method
- Oct 20, 2017 -

Indoor mosquito nets installed in specific ways? Install the problem, it does not matter, for everyone to sort out some of the specific methods for the installation of mosquito nets, you can definitely make it easy to get, had a comfortable fast summer. Here we come together to find out about it.

The role of mosquito nets

1, high-level luxury top ~ luxury sticky lace ~ bold / high floor type 2 meters stent (larger and more secure) set by the 32 left and right bracket, three open the door without zipper (easy access), account space plus Big height, sitting in which can be backed by the bed without pressure.

2, easy to use, you can support anywhere in the home, so that you and your baby from the pain of mosquitoes, no zipper on three sides, easy access. Watching TV more convenient.

3, not only can avoid mosquito wind, but also adsorption space falling dust to filter the air.

4, so that you decorate the wall to avoid the destruction of nails, to maintain the original indoor overall appearance. Today's mosquito nets have been reborn, became part of the decoration, the court-style mosquito nets are also a modern decoration of the landscape, can create a romantic and warm feeling, decorate your warm hut love bedroom.

Mosquito nets

1, see the mosquito net brand and good material mosquito net brand has a certificate and the use of instructions, and a clear installation diagram, the bracket has a code, the installation can be condemnation. The most important thing is the brand of mosquito nets will pay more attention to quality and good after-sales service. Many mosquito nets brand fabrics are different, divided into pure cotton yarn, polyester yarn, silk and polyester silk.

2, see the nets of the mosquito nets are generally divided into two kinds of stent: one is not embroidered steel stent, this stent mouth solid, hardness, glossy, no bending, no deformation, good balance, easy installation, More durable. The other is a lightweight carbon fiber stent, this bracket solid tough, foldable, folding interface ring surface for the chrome-plated, never rust, carry and collection are very convenient.

3, texture and space in the selection of mosquito nets, the need to select the texture of fine, and need to observe its suture whether there is a jump needle, cloth is broken holes, stains and anxious point and so on. Try to buy large internal space mosquito nets, because the internal space of large mosquito nets will be better air permeability, sleep feel more comfortable.

4, see the shape and size of mosquito nets currently the most common mosquito nets are square top, dome (also known as the Mongolian package) two shapes, dome nets are characterized by cheap, lightweight, but the drawback is the dome of the mosquito is generally only two Open the door, if sitting in the mosquito nets to watch TV, line of sight vulnerable, and more importantly, dome mosquito nets narrow sense of space, which is easy to give people the feeling of depression.

The specific method of installing mosquito nets in summer

Mongolian bag nets using two open the door design, simple, generous. Seasonal storage can be stacked into a small cake, take up a small space, go out to use more convenient to carry. The first step: the removal of mosquito nets on the ground flattened, and then folded into a double bar, the two pipes in turn inserted into the upper end of the mosquito net cloth cover.

The first step: first Before installation, prepare the gas drill, drill # 10, the number 8, the wrench, pliers, tape, coins and other tools. They are prepared to install the palace mosquito bed before the preparatory work, can be prepared to complete, check clearly Oh

Palace mosquito nets installation method The first step: positioning the hole, with a measure of the size of their own need to install the height, and then take the pencil in the wall to locate the height of the mark, this time to prepare a wet towel, can prevent drilling A little dust.

The first part of the installation method of the mosquito bed: the drill bit of the gas drill installed in the wall mark into a 90 degree vertical drilling, the depth of the hole according to the actual length of the explosion screw, the hole is too deep, then the mosquito bed bracket To inconvenience, drilled empty into the explosion screw, and then the base of the mosquito net holder fixed and then tighten the screw can be. The sand content of the larger wall, after drilling holes in the nail into the wood chips, and then fixed with a wooden tooth screw holder base.

Palace mosquito nets installation method The third step: everything is fixed after it, first to fall on the ground clean the dust, and then in accordance with a certain order to register the mosquito nets can. So that beautiful and fantastic mosquito nets on the hook Oh.

Need to remind you that the installation of the column must pay attention to the three links can not be reversed up and down, taking into account the role of the gravity of the bracket, the three corners of the three corners of the arc design, if you did not notice this subtle design of the place, part or all of the three links Reversed after installation, although it can be installed, but the mosquito net will tilt the twisted, affecting the appearance. Has been installed friends may wish to check, can be a good change in the phenomenon of mosquito nets distorted.