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Indoor Mosquito Trap Purchase Method
- Sep 29, 2017 -

When the summer is gone, the weather gets hot and the activities of the various snake rodents become active. Summer people are the most annoying insects than hate the mosquito, was bite about it will leave a red and itchy packet, then what kind of indoor mosquito net easy to use it? Here to see what kind of mosquito net easy to use, for your reference.

First, the summer indoor mosquito nets with what material is good

1, cotton yarn mosquito nets

Breathable in general, strong and durable, cheap, but the volume is relatively large, and high water absorption, washing more laborious.

2, mosquito nets

Light, soft, small size, easy to wash, easy to carry, but slightly less breathable, not very good. The price is more expensive.

3, nylon, polyester fiber mosquito nets

Breathable, light, soft, crisp, strong and durable, easy to wash, do not move insects, the price is appropriate.

Comparison of three mosquito nets, nylon, polyester and other chemical fiber mosquito nets the best. But no matter what kind of mosquito nets, the purchase should pay attention to the surface clean, fresh color, the hole on the other, two pieces of the book pattern symmetry, the same length, latitude and longitude straight, the top of the account and the account transfer stitching, Line, no holes, no stains and anxious point, and the account length should be enough, and according to their own size of the bed, select the size and form of mosquito nets (rectangular or dome).

Second, what kind of indoor mosquito nets style is good

1, the traditional square mosquito nets

The earliest use of the style, the model is simple and practical, in recent years in the use of the material to improve the yarn many, improved for the more refined plain yarn, touch the early printing of the traditional thickening of the material to more detailed soft, Should pay attention to to match their own mattress size, mesh material thickness and side open door or full cover no door type, is also one of the key options.

2, hanging type round sleep curtain

Gauze fine plus lace piping, more beautiful than the traditional square mosquito nets, more with the home style, need to hang down from the ceiling, the purchase should pay attention to the thickness of the yarn, with their own mattress size, circular bracket circumference size And yarn length, circumference and a wide space is wider, the longer the longer the longer the better.

3, Mongolian tents-style mosquito nets

Will be the camping of the tent material improved into a net yarn, the stent improved into glass fiber tube, lighter, more tough, the use of mosquito nets above, to meet the installation of hooks are difficult or do not like to install the hook of consumers Demand, free hook-free tie-line, the use of two stents to hold up the mosquito nets, easy assembly and easy to carry, can be used in the outdoors.

4, bracket type square sleep curtain

It is also a square-shaped mosquito nets, more beautiful than traditional traditional mosquito nets, more with a home style, the use of glass fiber tube, lighter, more tough, the use of stents to the mosquito nets Hold up, avoid hook hook tied line, to meet the installation of hooks are difficult or do not like to install the hook consumer demand.