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Mosquito KillerSimple And Power Saving
- Aug 25, 2017 -

Mosquito Killer are made of new ceramic materials as the main components, it is fast heating, constant temperature stability, easy to use and power, and electric mosquito coils (liquid) supporting the use of no smoke, no open flame, no ashes, Can fully guarantee the health of the human body and the environment clean and tidy.

Balanced and stable - high-quality constant temperature ceramic heating elements to ensure that electric mosquito coils 12 hours of drug evenly distributed. High quality - the product through the national electrical product standards testing, plus a protective net to prevent finger contact with metal heating film. Convenient and thoughtful - with indicator light, can clearly show the heater working condition. Wire length can be adjusted (0-1.2 m), when not in use to roll up the wire, beautiful and convenient.

1. use method

① Hand-held heater white base, the other hand will slowly withdraw the wire to the need for length.

② the electric mosquito coils of aluminum film placed down on the heating of the metal heating plate, turn on the power, the heater light that began to work.

③ each piece of electric mosquito coils can continue to use 12 hours, 12 hours after the replacement.

④ Please dial the heater after the power plug.

⑤ replace the new film, please take a moment to cool, and then throw the old film can be removed into the new film.

2. Precautions

1. Store in a cool and dry place where children are not accessible.

2. Do not touch the heater with wet hands. Do not touch or insert any objects when the heater is in operation.

3. Please wait 5 minutes after the heater plug to cool the mosquito coils and replace the mosquito coils.

4. Heater studio face should not cover any items, to ensure that not covered by curtains, bed sheets.

5. Do not add any liquid to the electric mosquito coils.

6. Please wash your hands after use, if you have food, please seek medical advice and produce the packaging.

7. To fish, silkworm poisonous.